Be It Unto Me –


            Our opening exercise is taken from the Gospel of John. And, this is a spiritual exercise. Its purpose is to turn us from our “old man” to the new man in Christ. It’s to cause us to be in a place where when the Spirit is speaking, we can hear Him. In John, Chapter 7, verse 17, there is a principal expressed. It is expressed in many places in both the Old and New Testaments. But, this is the clearest place I have found in the scriptures. In John chapter 7, verse 17, Jesus says, “He that is willing to do he shall know of the teaching whether it is of man or of God.” (This is not a quote.)

Lk. 1:38

            The principal is, he that is willing to do, he shall know. With God, knowing only comes to those who are first willing to do. With man, we want God to say what it is He wants us to do so we can judge whether or not we will do it. God does not speak to that man. God speaks to the man or the woman or the child who first presents to Him a heart that says, “I’ll do it!” Not “I’ll do it for the John Brown’s of the world or of the church” but will do it for the Lord God. Be the one who can say, as Mary, “Be it unto me as you have spoken.”

            The interesting thing about the mother of Jesus and her encounter with the angel is the angel did not ask her permission because the angel already knew the answer. And that was why she was most favored. The angel knew in Mary’s heart, she was already available to God. Her question has nothing to do with her judging whether or not she will do it. She doesn’t ask the question, for example, “What about the Pharisees and the Sadducees, won’t they stone me?”  “What do I tell my husband to be?” “What do I tell my family?” That never enters into it. She has a single question and that is, “How are you going to do it?” And so, the angel was directed by the Holy Spirit, to say, “Favored one,” of Mary. Her response, when she understood how was, “Do whatever the Lord wants.”

Lk. 1:35

            Would you have understood this as a woman or a man for the angel to say how you are going to get pregnant? “The Holy Spirit is going to overshadow you.” Oh? All Mary needed to know was that it was going to be a work of God.

            Now, what’s the exercise? If you are reading this to hear me you’ll be disappointed. I suggest you never come to hear men. But, if you’ve come to hear God, if you’ve come expecting to hear the Holy Spirit speak, present to Him a heart that is willing to do and you shall know what it is that He is going to speak to you. It may be out of my mouth but it may not be out of my mouth. It may be in between the lines. It may be as you are looking at the scriptures. It may be as you are carried off in a thought about a situation that some how relates to something that’s been said. And the Holy Spirit will speak to you. He that is willing to do he…shall know. 

            We’re going to begin with that exercise. We’re going to present to the Lord a heart that says “amen” at the beginning. We will present a “So be it!” and an “I’ll do it!” to God so that man can hear. Will you join me in that?

            Gracious Father, it is a wonderful thing that You have done that we shall be called children of God by Your Spirit for that is exactly what we are. Father, as sons and daughters, we are presenting to You tonight, hearts that are saying, “So be it, Lord! We will do it!” You speak. Be it done unto us that for which we’ve been created. Be it done unto us that for which we’ve been chosen. Be it done unto us, Father, that for which we’ve been elected. To Your praise and glory, we pray. Amen.


7 Responses to “Be It Unto Me –”

  1. Marie Says:

    You know, it’s like the River of Life washing over me when I read this. Thank you for the reminder that my heart must always be YES. And, as our Pastor so frequently says; “Do me, LORD!”

  2. jeraldd Says:

    Thank you Marie. It’s what I struggle with more often that I should: having a “Yes! And Amen!” in my heart when God speaks.
    I echo you sentiments: “Do me too, Lord!”

  3. timbob Says:

    Hi Jeraldd. Thanks so much for stoping by. I apolagize for not getting back as quickly as I would like. A couple of things really hit me here. One was the explanation of how Mary didn’t entertain a lot of “what ifs” when the angel informed her of what was to transpire. Without a doubt, the situation could have ones imagination going full throttle. “What will I tell everyone? How can I explain this? Who’se going to believe this?” We all must arrive at a point where we can just move in obediance to the Lord in a fashion that the world would describe as “reckless abandon” but is in fact anything but reckless. (On Christ the solid Rock I stand!)

    Also, the statement of presenting to the Lord a heart that says “amen” at the beginning is also something to ponder. This is an area where I must do some growing. I’m glad to have found your blog and I pray that time will permit regular visits.

    have a blessed evening in Jesus.


  4. Renee Says:

    Thanks for that gentle reminder. I struggle with having a willing heart and I don’t know why. Our Gracious Lord is teaching me to let everything rest in Him and to trust His ways are alway perfect.

  5. jeraldd Says:

    If you think what you’ve read so far is convicting, hang around to see what’s coming.
    By the way, love the name. It’s my daughter’s too.

  6. brotherjohnny Says:

    Awesome, brother.
    This is resonating with some things in me that I haven’t quite seen fully yet….It has to do with the heart, though.
    I’ll keep reading.
    Praise the Lord!

  7. JeraldD Says:

    Thank you Johnny,

    The hard part for all of us who walk around in this flesh is humbling ourselves before a mighty God and saying “Yes, Lord!” before the question is even asked.

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