What Is The Gospel?

            What is the gospel? What is the second deception? It takes the reign of God in the heart of man for man just to be the man God created him to be. That’s the gospel. We’ll expand on that in the posts that follow, but the instant that God no longer reigned in the heart of Adam in the garden, it was lost. Adam lost the reign. And if there is anything that can be said about that Laodicean church, she does not have the reign over her own life. Everything else reigns over her. And she’s in this great deception. And, she’s in this great deception because God does not reign in her heart. That was lost to God in the Garden. God lost His reign over the heart of His man when His man came out from under His reign.

            The third thing that God lost was His life, the spirit of Adam in whom He was going to dwell. Man was made for God. It takes the life of God in the man just for the man to be the man God created him to be. Can you witness that? God lost His habitation.

            I told you about the first 3 chapters of Genesis and the last 3 chapters of Revelation. The angel says to John, “Come here and I’ll show you the bride” (See Rev. 21:9). And what did the angel show John as the bride in Chapter 21? Do you know? The heavenly Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven whose life was light of all creation. The glory of God emanated from this heavenly Jerusalem that came down out of heaven to the earth where it was going to stay. What is that heavenly Jerusalem? It’s the bride of Christ. I can not tell you how that is going to be, but I can tell you it will be, just simply because the Word says it. It ends with God indwelling His bride. And the whole earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord – the out-raying of the very nature of God. God who cannot be seen will then be seen in his creation as He was seen in Christ. “The glory, Father, which You have given Me,” Jesus said, “I have given to them; My life in them” (See John 17:22).

            The truth – it takes the reign of God in the heart of man for man to be the man God created him to be and the life is the life of the tree in the Garden. It was the life God lost that was the life of Adam.




To read the entire thought from the beginning, go to the Page “1st – The Basis of Teaching.”

The next series of posts will be called “Introduction of A Revolutionary Gospel.”


10 Responses to “What Is The Gospel?”

  1. brotherjohnny Says:

    I am so glad that you are sharing all of this.
    I just listened to John Browns message on ‘The Church” yesterday.
    It was really good.

    I do believe that we may be living in a time where we are just beginning to see the begininng of this New Jerusalem.

  2. JeraldD Says:

    Ah, Johnny. You found us out. The church John attends is on the web and folks can hear John teach. If anyone else wishes to hear him go to http://www.newrivercc.com/BlogEngine/category/John-Brown.aspx
    and about 48 minutes into Part 1 John begins to speak. But the real blessing would be to hear what Pasture Scott has to say from the beginning. You’ll all be blessed as Johnny was.
    Then there are a couple more of John’s teachings there too.

    Thanks for your faithfulness, Johnny. It’ll take that from the whole church as we progress into the days ahead. And hang around to read more of what John has to say about this Gospel that’s so Revolutionary.
    Remember that you can go to the ‘Pages’ and click on “1st – The Basis of Teaching” to read the start of this from the beginning.

    Be blessed brother Johnny. You’re the best.

  3. brotherjohnny Says:

    What is neat is that Alissa O. loaned me the discs to listen to almost two years ago (if I remember correctly), and I’m just now getting around to listening to them, and at the same time I get to read your post’s here.

    I can’t say for sure what the Lord has cooking, but it smells very good from where I’m sitting.

    Nothing better than good Food when you’re really, really hungry, amen?

    He is the best in US, and may we learn what it means to give him all of our selves so that He might more fully express Himself through us.

    Grace and Peace!!

  4. JeraldD Says:

    Ah ha! So it’s the CDs you have. Praise God! Actually, someone is editing the CDs to make them easier to hear. But listen, brother but don’t get too far ahead of me.

  5. Marie Says:

    Oh, but Jerald, you know how it is when you are very hungry and the soul MUST be satisfied. How can one stop eating when they are being so well nourished? 🙂

  6. JeraldD Says:

    Marie, Marie, Marie. I know from experience that I have to go slow with these concepts. Almost every time I leave an meeting with John I have one of those “Ah Ha!” moments.
    You know how many times I’ve heard John speak these truths. Then I wrote them down, word for word, then edited them again and again, and typed them over and over. And even then I need to consider what is being taught.
    And as I’m posting these teachings on this blog site, I am being taught again.
    Praise God for His immesurable grace and favor to those of us who are so needy. So I still say, “Go slow!”

  7. Marie Says:

    The Word of God is Living and active! You are right, it is much better to savor and chew on, than to gulp it down in one bite.

  8. JeraldD Says:

    In the case of ingesting the Gospel, I’d rather be lika a cow who chews on it a while, then swallows, and after another while brings it up again to chew some more.
    It might seem disgusting to us, but to the cow, it’s a matter of life. And as you say, Marie, the gospel is Life – He is life. For me, one chewing is not enough. I need to bring it up over and over and over for it to bring its complete Life to me.
    As Psalm 119:131 says, “I opened my mouth wide and panted, for I longed for Your commandments.”
    And in verse 103, “How sweet are Your words to my taste!”

    Praise God for His indescribable Gift!!!

  9. brotherjohnny Says:

    I hear ya’ll.

    Moving too quickly in the things of the Lord can leave us quite ‘top heavy’ if were not careful.

    Too much in the head with too little actually processed, assimilated, and experienced.

    I am all too familiar with this reality!

    On the flip side, this all reminds me very much of the stuff I’ve been exposed to over the last seven or eight years, i.e., Nee, Tozer, Edwards, Sparks, Lee, Guyon, Lawrence, (and now John Brown),etc…and so I am somewhat familiar, and pacing myself so as not to end up with a ‘soulish hangover’.

    The Lord has used these brothers (and sisters) greatly to speak into and nourish my own spirt/soul…, and I am thankful for this ‘stream’ of the Lords expression.

    More than anything, what we are learning to do is to be in touch with, to have a sense of and obedience to that Great Teacher who lives inside of us. Not just the One who lives in me but the One who lives in US.

    I thank God for both of you.
    Praise the Lord!

  10. JeraldD Says:

    We thank God for brothers like you too, Johnny.

    Keep spreading the words of LIFE!

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