A Counterculture –

A Counterculture –


            Speaking of cultures, was the ekklesia of Rome a subculture or a counterculture? Was the ekklesia of Greece a subculture or a counterculture? A subculture is a part of the culture but has its distinctions. A counterculture is nothing like the culture and its whole intent is to overthrow the culture, to replace the culture.

            The Republican Party would be considered a subculture; the Democratic Party, a subculture. But what about the communist party, when they were strong, were they a subculture? No, they were very much a counterculture. Now, what about the ekklesia, what about the church, what about you and I, are we a subculture? We try so hard to be a part, don’t we? We try so hard to identify with, to be received and accepted as one of this lesser realm, thinking that some how that’s going to give us influence. The only reason we’ve done that is we’ve not seen Her. We’ve not known Him as we ought to know Him. Because He did not call us out and send us back into.


            Father, I pray that they not be taken out of the world but in the midst of the world would be Your counterculture.


            I intend to challenge you to give up all that you are and have been and all that you’ve been entrusted with and give it to the King and His kingdom.


            Gracious Father, we thank you for your Word, and we thank you Lord, for what You are doing. And Lord, we just pray together that You help us to see Her of which we’ve been made a part. Help us to understand what it is we’ve been called out of and sent into, not citizens of this lesser place but as ambassadors. We thank You Lord. Help us to be doers. Help us to buy truth, Lord. We ask in Jesus name. Amen.


Adam’s Reign –


            And when truth was lost it was lost when Adam thought that he could make decisions on his own. As soon as Adam chooses the reign himself, as soon as he considered it, as soon as his intellect became the judge of what God had spoken, it was over. The instant that the right or wrong of what God said, the accuracy of it, the completeness of it, “perhaps He hid something from me,” the instant he took over the reign was the instant that Adam lost the reign. In Genesis 1: 26 & 28 God said, “Let us make man in Our image and Our likeness, let them multiply, let them subdue and rule.”

            God’s creation, Adam and Eve, were given the reign and the rule over everything that lived and was on planet earth, including the creeping things. God established His authority in the earth by way of His man, but God’s authority over the earth was limited to the authority He had over His man. The instant God lost the reign in the heart of man, another took over that reign.

            In Romans 6 we read that we are slaves to the one to whom we submit (see verse 16). In that instant, Adam, thinking he was submitting to his own rule, but was really submitting to the rule of he who became the god of this world, the prince of the air. And the Holy Spirit, speaking by the Apostle John, as late as 65 or so A.D. after the death of Christ, says the whole world lies under the authority of the power of the evil one. That does not mean in the heavens God exercised final rule. But God has limited His rule to His man. And He has never violated that. And it wasn’t until the last Adam died and the second man came forth that God again had His reign in the earth.

Jn. 14:28

Ph. 2:6

1Jn. 5:19

            And that’s why Jesus could go everywhere preaching concerning the reign; but not the reign in the realm of what the eye could see but a reign first inwardly, in the heart of man. And it wasn’t until Jesus, as the Son of Man, accepted the reign of God in His own heart, having left His own reign behind, not thinking it a thing to be grasped, to be equal with God, He laid that down. And that’s why in John 14, Jesus could say that the Father is “greater than I,” because He was not the one speaking. Though He was never less than the Son of God, He had now limited Himself to never being more than the Son of Man. And, as Son of Man, the Father was “greater than I.” And He could say that “everything I do I did not do, but My Father, who is in Me, He did the work” (see Jn. 14:10).

            He left his reign. He laid it down. He humbled Himself that the Father might reign in Him as the Son of Man. And He became the first normal human being; the man that God created man to be. That reign was lost in the Garden, and half-truth entered in.


2 Responses to “A Counterculture –”

  1. brotherjohnny Says:

    Greater is HE who IS IN US (or we) than he (or we/us) who are in the world!

  2. jeraldd Says:

    Johnny, there’s no way that what you say can be true except that we have died to the ‘old man’ and now walk in “newness of life.”

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