The 12 Preach the Gospel –


            And so we go from Luke 4:43 to Luke 9, verses 1, 2 and 6. In Luke 9 we see Jesus call together His 12:


   And He called the twelve together, and gave them power and authority over all the demons and to heal diseases.


            And I want to suggest to you that what Jesus was doing was a demonstration of “this gospel.” And whatever this gospel of the kingdom is, it is represented by the power and authority over everything that was wrong. All sickness, all manner of diseases, all demon possession; He reigned over them all, and He is demonstrating that here.

Mt. 4:19

            But now He’s called His twelve together and we’re about 14 to 16 months into the ministry of Jesus with His twelve. They are about halfway through or a little over halfway through their time with Jesus. They are walking with Jesus that they might be made as He is. That’s what He said, “Follow Me and I will make you…” “Isn’t it enough that a disciple be as his teacher, and a servant as his master…”(see Mt. 10:25a). They are following Him to become like Him. He has been preaching this gospel, and now He calls them aside and the Scripture says that He:


…gave them power and authority over all demons and to heal diseases. And He sent them out to proclaim the Kingdom of God, and to perform healing.


            They are sent out to preach the very same thing that He preached and they are manifesting signs and wonders.

   In verse 6 they leave:


Departing, they began going throughout the villages, preaching the gospel…


            He says, “Go and preach the kingdom of God.” Then, in verse 6 it says they went “preaching the gospel…” It’s clear what the gospel was that which they were preaching. It means something!



Saved From or To –        


            I’m trying to raise a big question mark in your heart if you’ve not understood this, because it is the gospel – it is the power of God unto salvation. Not saved from – that’s the blood and body of Jesus. A salvation that is only a salvation from has you no better off than the Israelites were after they were saved from Egypt but still were laid low in the wilderness never to enter into the promise. The greater issue is of being saved to.

            I just had someone share with me that the pastor at Mt. Paran, I don’t remember who shared with me, just recently preached on “Salvation is more than from.” The greater is what we are saved to. This gospel is the power of God unto. It is the power to enter into the promise, if I can be so bold. So this was what the disciples were preaching while Jesus was with them.


Preaching the Good News –


            We go from Luke 9 to Acts chapter 8, verse 12: But when they believed Philip preaching the good news… Oops! Philip is preaching the gospel? What good news is Philip preaching? 

            Phillip is preaching the kingdom of God. Put a little circle at least in your mind, around that little ‘and.’ Philip was preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ.

            Of first importance is death, burial and resurrection. But it distinguishes it here “and the things concerning Jesus.”


4 Responses to “The 12 Preach the Gospel –”

  1. rjperalta Says:

    Just checked out a little of your blog. I know you have been on mine. I will take a closer look next time when I am not so tired. You have some interesting posts.
    Back later,

  2. JeraldD Says:

    Thanks for stopping by Richard. I like what you’ve had to say on “The Word on the Streets” ( too.

    This is not your normal blog. I’m posting a book that I wrote that is based on the teaching of John Brown. It’s not easy to see all that’s here unless you read it from the start.
    If you like, start with “1st – The Basis of Teaching” then to “2nd – Introduction to A Revolutionary Gospel” which is this current stream. If you do you’ll be blessed.

    Let me know what you think.


  3. timbob Says:

    God moring. This is something that I was convicted on a couple of weeks ago. Our pastor preached a very thorough message on biblical healing and I thought of al the times this summer whern I went out and didn’t bring this up to some who really needed it. I was, in effect, sharing a partial gospel. It’s something that I’m in prayer concerning because, as you state here, the twelve went out and it was more than just words. The “from” and “to” analogy is awesome and I’ll be thinking on this much today. Thanks.

    Have a blessd weekend in Jesus.


  4. JeraldD Says:

    Timbob, thanks for your comment.
    The point of the post is not related to the healing power that Jesus gave his disciples. It was the message that he gave them.
    My question to you and all who would listen: “Is the message (the gospel) that you are sharing the one that Jesus and his disciples shared?” Is it just about being saved “from” God’s wrath, or is it about being saved “to” the Life of Jesus in us?

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