The Pearl of Great Price –

            One last text. Go to Matthew chapter 13.  Jesus is talking about the kingdom of God here. It is a powerful chapter. There are a number of keys in this chapter. In verse 45 Jesus is speaking:


   “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking fine pearls, and upon finding one pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had and bought it.”


            Now, it has been taught, and I have taught too that we are the pearls and Jesus sold all that He had and gave up His entire life to purchase the pearl. I want to suggest to you that you are not the pearl, nor, am I. The kingdom is the pearl.

            Have you ever been collectors of things; stamp collectors, coin collectors, match box collectors, baseball card collectors, and things like that? I’ve collected too. I remember that for a time I collected a particular kind of coin. You know, once you get to collecting, you are always looking for that coin that is worth more than you’ve got but you hope that when you do find it you can buy it for a bargain. I was always looking for the best coin that I could afford to add to my collection.


            But, here’s this pearl merchant and since he made his living trading pearls, he really knew pearls and their value. He is at a flea market and he’s come across a pearl that is at a stall of someone who may not know what its worth. He’s rummaging through some things and here in this old, cracked and chipped cup is this lone pearl. And he picks that pearl up and he’s looking at it and it comes to him, “I’ve never seen a pearl like this. This pearl is worth more, a thousand times more than all I possess.”

            And he’s looking at that old man behind the table and he’s thinking, “I wonder if he knows how much this is worth? He must not know it’s worth anything. It’s out here and so available.”

And so he says off handedly and just for curiosity’s sake as if he’s really not at all interested in the pearl, “How much is this worth?”

            And the fellow behind the table says, “How much do you have?”

            Ahh! Oh, he may just have an idea that this pearl is worth a bit. But, the merchant thinks about it and begins to realize that if he doesn’t pick this up quick, somebody who might know value of pearls is going to come along and pay the price and might be able to pay more than he’s got.

And so he thinks, “I’d better start with what I’ve got.”

So the merchant says to the old man, “Well, I have an idea of what this is worth and I’ve got about $32,000 in the bank and I’ll give it all to you.”

            And he jumps in his heart because he knows he’s got a pearl that is worth a thousand times the $32,000 he’s got in the bank. He’s just got a bargain.

            Then the merchant says, “That should leave me just enough to get home on.”

            “What do you mean?” says the old man.

            “Well, I’ve got $10.50 in my pocket.”

            Well then, that’ll be $32,010.50.”

            “Are you going to dicker over $10.50?”


            “Well, I guess I’ll have to find another way to get gas for the car.”

            “Oh, you’ve got a car?”

            “Well, yes…”

            “It’s going to cost the car too.”

            “But, how am I going to get home?”

            “You’ve got a home? Then it’s going to cost $32,010.50, your car and your home.”

            “Well, I guess we can live in a tent.”

            “You’ve got a tent?”

            “You can have it all. I guess my wife and kids. . . . “

            “You’ve got a wife and children?”


            The kingdom of God is like a pearl merchant who upon finding a pearl of great price, sells all that he has, all that he has, all that he has.

            This gospel of the kingdom which is the power of God unto the promise that all of us have been hungering for is going to cost us our all.

            And, you have the witness of the Spirit that it is worth more than all you have. I want to challenge you to come after this pearl. Its worth a thousand times more, ten thousand times more, all than you’ll ever see. It’s worth is so far beyond what you can even imagine. Its worth makes all the gold in these billions of galaxies of our universe pale. But it’s going to cost you your all.


            Well the merchant considers it, knows it is worth it and says, “Okay.”

            Then the old man says, “Actually, I’ve got so much, I really just need someone to manage it for me. So, you keep it. I’ll entrust it to you. But remember, it’s mine. And if I have a need of it, you’ll know whose it is.”


            And that is what our Lord has done. He’s not made us destitute, and He’s not pushed us out into the cold. He’s just asking for it all. He’s not satisfied with a tithe. A tithe has been our way out. All is the way in, entering into this salvation, this eternal life, this kingdom.


3 Responses to “The Pearl of Great Price –”

  1. brotherjohnny Says:

    Very good….very, very good!!!

  2. ellenharoutunian Says:

    Hi Jerald, Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I am enjoying your insights into scripture and the Kingdom!
    Grace and peace,

  3. Jerald Says:

    BrotherJohnny – high praise!! Thanks to the One whose idea it was.

    Ellen – Thanks for stopping by. I haven’t gotten this ‘blog’ thing down yet. I’m just learning little by little as I go along. If you have any suggestions for the site, please don’t hesitate.

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