THE KEY PARABLE – Two Kinds of Hearers

Then Jesus teaches that there were always two kinds of hearers. There is another text and I’m only going to introduce it because it’s another one that is misunderstood that operates on the same principal. In 1 Cor. 14 it talks about speaking in tongues. In verse 26 it talks about our gathering together, and some have a word and some a psalm, some have a tongue and some have an interpretation. But then Paul goes on with this admonition, “If there are any among you who are unbelievers or unlearned” – two different words. He’s talking about, “Even among yourselves, if there are those there who are yet to understand what God is doing with this foolishness of tongues, don’t go speaking in tongues out loud.”

One of the reasons there has been so much confusion about this is they have not understood this principal. There is a time when John Brown is not ready for this level, or this place in his walk. I can’t bear it. There are things that He is not sharing with me because I can’t bear it. It would just swamp me, and overwhelm me so that I would be discouraged. And, it’s that way with many who are yet to come to Christ. They have not been brought to a place where they are ready. Their heart is still closed. If you were to convince them, they would accept Him but they wouldn’t love Him. They would accept the forgiveness but they have no intent of Him reigning over how they live. The church is full of those who do not want Him to reign over them. We’ve done them a grave injustice. It’s like we’ve sterilized them. Many are sterilized because they feel as if everything is alright and nothing is alright. They don’t love Him. They really don’t want Him. They are not interested in spending more time with Him. They had rather watch the TV then cut out a little bit of time for Him. They would rather see a ball game or go fishing instead of investing in the kingdom. They’ve got to lay a little up in store. They’re on the fence. They’ve got one foot in but the other foot and the rest of their body and their mind and their whole life on the outside of the fence.

This is my thesis. In Mark 4:13, Jesus says, “If you do not understand this parable you will not understand any of the other parables.” This parable explains how to know the mysteries of God. This parable is to teach and train those who are among the initiated using that word ‘mysteries’ in its original form, those who are on the inside. Beginning in that place we are looking for an understanding from this parable of who are those who cannot hear and be fruitful, and who is the one who can hear, understand, do and bear fruit. And all the other parables have to do with some facet of this mystery or these mysteries concerning the reign of God.


4 Responses to “THE KEY PARABLE – Two Kinds of Hearers”

  1. thomasjmoore Says:

    I enjoyed reading this. I believe you are touching upon the concept of attempting to change a person’s heart and opposed to just changing his mind– minds change so often that permanence is unreasonable. Changing the heart, however, has eternal consequences for the kingdom of God.

    God bless you,


  2. Jerald Says:

    Thanks for stopping by Thomas. I appreciate your comment.

    And you are right in that it’s a heart change that is necessary to really hear because the mind is fickle and is prone to change.

    This parable about the Four Soils is, according to Jesus, the key parable for “hearing” what He is saying. Now, as we look more into this, we’ll see that this “hearing” will not be easy for 21st Century American Christians to “hear.”

    Hang in there Thomas. There’s way more to come.

    By the way, if you’d like to read this “book” from the first, go to “Pages” and start with “1st – ……” then “2nd – ……” and so on.
    Then let me know what you think.


  3. marksan Says:

    Hi Jerald,
    Dietrich Bonhoeffer I think coined the phrase ‘cheap grace’ and your comments about people believing but not allowing God to reign makes me think of that phrase. I think we are guilty in the church of preaching cheap grace. Our motives are good, we want desperately for folks to come to know Jesus for themselves that we make it all so easy. We need to make sure people really understand what it means to become a follower of Christ, ensuring they (and indeed we) count the cost. The Kingdom life is not the easy life but it is the best life!

  4. Jerald Says:

    You are absolutely right Witty. The statistics seem to bear out that the church in America is declining – it’s probably the same way in the UK. But the growth of the church is the greatest in those places where there is persecution and that means the converts know from the beginning what the cost of giving their lives to Jesus will be.
    Jesus spoke of this in Luke 14:28 – 33. He said in the end that “none of you can be my disciples unless he gives up all his own possessions.” So we are to give up all our own possessions to His reign and rule. We still have stewardship of these possessions but He’s now the owner.

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