THE KEY PARABLE – Seed Sown in Good Soil

The last is – the Harmony of the seed sown in good soil.

“And other seed fell into the good soil, and as they grew up and increased, they yielded a crop and produced thirty, sixty, and a hundred fold. And the one on whom seed was sown on the good soil, this is the man who hears the word (of the Reign of God) and accepts and understands it in an honest and good heart.”

He’s in truth. He’s not trying to deceive himself or anyone else. It’s with an honest and good heart that he says, “Jesus, reign over all that I am, over all that you’ve entrusted to me; You reign over it all.” He holds it fast. He does not embrace it on Sunday at the altar and by seven or eight o’clock that evening he’s back into the world vicariously by TV; enjoying that for which Christ died, enjoying vicariously, watching the kinds of things for which Christ died. His new life, he holds on fast to it; this word of the reign, he holds it fast. He indeed bears fruit and brings forth some 100 fold, some 60 and some 30; and one of the Gospels adds this word “with perseverance.”

Hold On Fast –

Embracing His reign, making Jesus Christ king on the throne of our lives requires a holding fast and a persevering. Difficulties come and if there is shallowness, there will be a withering and a falling away. But many are holding on in the church. I am so encouraged by what I see in most churches. I am seeing many who have a heart for authenticity; they are hungry for the real things to come forth. I am seeing it everywhere; a desire for something that we’ve all understood was there but we’ve not seemed to get a hold of. There’s a hunger for truth; a hunger for the real thing. I think that is why you are reading this book. I can’t think of any other reason why you would let me harangue and hit you with this difficult gospel.

Many don’t want to hear this Gospel. It’s going to take perseverance. It’s going to take holding on fast to what you are hearing; not from me, but from the Holy Spirit. And I say, in closing, it’s worth it; this life is worth it. I would not go back for anything. I don’t want to go back. I find little pleasure in the world. I have no ambitions and the men that I work with are bothered by that. I have no desire for a future. We have enough business. We should have an office and secretaries and I’m working in my basement; I’m my own secretary. And I’m looking for the day when I will not do another lick of what I am now doing. I’m not interested. And the Lord will test me on that, but I believe He has. I believe I’m speaking with an honest and true heart, because I’ve seen the realm; I have felt His reign and I have experienced a life that is out of the boat. It’s not daily, but it’s been enough. My heart is set on it and your heart is too if you haven’t put this book down by now. I believe that is why you are still reading. But, it’s going to take some perseverance.

This is the one who can hear the mysteries, the secrets of how to enjoy this life, how to live this other life, how to get over the bow of the boat, how to draw near Him so He can make us. He wants to show us.

One thing that I need to add; even Jesus’ disciples did not automatically understand the parables. You can’t assume because you are a Christian or a disciple that you will automatically understand the parables; you will not. It will always require humbling yourself and asking Him to explain it. It will always require you saying, “I won’t know this, Lord, unless You teach it to me.” It will never happen until you recognize that, no matter how much of a genius you are, how intellectually capable you are, you cannot know unless He explains it to you. So, always ask. The disciples did, and that’s what put them on the inside.



7 Responses to “THE KEY PARABLE – Seed Sown in Good Soil”

  1. brotherjohnny Says:

    The question for many is “Who, then, is responsible for the quality of the soil?”.
    Many of us need to ask the Lord to prepare our hearts, to do the necessary tilling, fertilizing, etc… and also to be aware that He does just that.
    My own little plot still has lot’s of rocks, weed’s, junk, etc….

    I guess I need to spend some more time there with the Master Gardener, eh? To learn to do only what I see Him do….
    Grace to you today, brother.

  2. Jerald Says:

    Brother Johnny,
    While thinking about how Jesus related this parable, I tried to consider where he was standing and what he might have been looking at when he spoke. The ground in that area was pretty rocky and many people could make fences to outline their fields with the rocks they dug up.
    I agree with you that my little garden of life is still got rocks, weeds and other ‘junk’ that needs to go. I know that I don’t have the strength to remove some of those rocks. So I have to depend on someone stronger to do the heavy lifting. But I do have to be involved or the work will not get done.
    I really like the way you put it: “Spend more time with the Master Gardener.”
    Blessings on you too, Johnny.

  3. marksan Says:

    And to continue with the whole rock thing..the longer I am a follower of Jesus, the more aware I am of just how many rocks there are in my soil. I am increasingly conscious of my own failings, faults, weaknesses, and in short, fallen human nature. I am also increasingly amazed that God would bother with me at all and persevere with me. I also recognise that we are made in the image of God so there is most certainly hope for us!

    So, continue to work in my badly kept garden Lord and show me where i need to put in the hard graft!

    Thanks as ever Jerald for your insights.

  4. Jerald Says:

    That’s good Witty. What you wrote brings to mind that the longer my Lord is tending my garden, the deeper he diggs. And the deeper he goes, the more rocks he’s bound to find.

    Dig on, Lord, dig on!!!

    “Graft” Witty??? What’s that?

  5. marksan Says:

    In England, graft means ‘really hard work’. Mark tells me that it means corruption in America- is that right? If so, no wonder you were a little bemused with me wanting to put in the hard ‘corruption’!

  6. Jerald Says:

    Mark is right on. And, there’s way too little of the English kind of graft and way too much of the Amrican kind of graft in the world.

  7. marksan Says:

    Guess only an american has the right to make such a comment! I wouldn’t presume to say such a thing…!

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