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POSSESSING THE REIGN – Building Our Kingdoms

July 3, 2009

Our very best of self is like filthy, nasty, loathsome rags. That’s the illustration the Holy Spirit gives. Like filthy rags is our best, our best. The best of Christianity, religion is filthy rags. And the children of the world have better eyes to see that than we do. Our imitation is not impressing or fooling anyone. And until we come to the poverty of seeing that it is His life that He is offering and that it is His life that must be lived and His life that must be seen before men will turn around, we’ll go on playing our games.

I confess, on the one hand I believe She is coming forth, the bride of Christ; I believe She’s not one day late, I believe She’s a beautiful young woman. But She’s in the midst of a church that is not doing so well, that is not so healthy, most of which is not in Christ: men building their own kingdoms.

I spent most of my life building my own kingdom and you have too. There’s no room for that because it’s filthiness. It’s His kingdom; it’s His reign. We came to that place when we can first see and that’s why He must break us. That is why breaking must come, so that we can see our poverty.

Subtraction –

I’ve said it before and I’ll end with this, after Christ comes, there’s no more to be added. Everything from there on is subtraction and it is subtraction of all that is in us that is not of Christ. It’s all of Adam, it’s Adam’s thinking, Adam’s ambitions, Adam’s work, Adam’s efforts, it’s all in Adam that must go. And that is why we must go through what we are going to go through. If you think this is the cap on your spiritual journey, it’s just the beginning. This is just the beginning. We are yet able to see in America a church that’s living the reign. I believe She’s there. It will move from judgment to persecution only after She comes forth. Until then, it is all removal, subtraction, judgment.

May it be so, Lord, according to Your will and Your word.