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June 29, 2009

Now, to Matthew chapter 5 verse 3:

“Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

This is a principal that will unlock all the riches. Stay with me. Have you ever tried to give someone something whose hands are full? Have you ever tried to speak to someone from another church to share some little tidbit that you’ve heard but they’re so full of where they are from and what they’ve seen that there’s just no room? That’s why we’re so divided. We cannot receive because we think we have everything.

You know, a man who’s poor and knows it, a man who knows he has needs, his hands are open. It’s the man who thinks he has no needs whose hands are closed or full. The New English Bible translates it this way, “How blessed is the man who knows he’s in need.”

Unless we come to a place where we see ourselves as utterly broke, in abject poverty, we cannot receive the things of God, the reign. Until we see and can say with Jesus, “I can do nothing. I can do nothing;” until we come to a place where we recognize that we, outside of Christ, are in utter bankruptcy, and are in total need in every area, we will not be open to receive His reign. It’s the Laodicean church where we began this book. The deception of the Laodicean church was that they thought they were rich, they thought they were clothed, and they thought they had need of nothing. And they were literally poor, wretched and naked and didn’t even know it.

Running On Empty –

Blessed is the man, the woman and the child who can see that He’s in utter poverty without God, who can see that he was made for God and absent of God he can’t even run. It’s the illustration of the car. You can put a car at the top of a hill and push it off with your foot, jump in and think that you’re doing something, going somewhere. But eventually you get to the bottom of the hill and you find out that it was nothing. The car was made for gasoline, and you and I were made for God. And until we come to the poverty of seeing that, of seeing that in ourselves, we have no good thing; in ourselves we have no good thing; in ourselves we have no good thing.